Our Goal Is To Create A Beautiful, Seamless And Well Executed Project Of An Interior That Reflects A Story.

At Al Balawi Technical, the best Villa and Apartment Renovation contractor in your area, every job is unique and every customer is central. Throughout the design journey you plan to embark on, our Home Renovation Services will translate your dreams and passions into creating the perfect home. As a leading home renovator, our goal is to provide you with the home you want to live in. We combine aesthetics and lifestyle so that the final design reflects your personality and matches your taste, wishes and lifestyle.

Villa and Apartment Renovation

Al Balawi Technical Provides High Design With Smart Solutions, Withing A Smart Budget.

Al Balawi Technical came to Dubai after 40 years of experience in Italy and Europe. It includes “Higher Living” and “Smart Renovation”. Two different brands that share the Italian style and concept of projects and management. Our goal, in addition to the purchase and import of art, paintings, furniture and specialty products, is to provide your home, villa, house or office with a unique renovation. While every renovation is unique, we strive to make yours unique. If you want to renovate your home/office, Smart Renovation is the clear choice for all your renovation needs.

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Villa and Apartment Renovation


When it comes to villa renovation in Dubai. Luxury Al Balawi Technical Design is a trustworthy and reliable company. That has the full capacity to create the perfect solution. Home renovation projects in the UAE require high planning and development standards. Each house is renovated in the best and most effective way with the full supervision of the professionals. To ensure that every piece of furniture and decor is placed correctly. Our interior designers and installation team go through a rigorous planning process. As the most trusted remodeling company in Dubai. All construction and design and interior design needs are handled and organized by professionals.

Villa and Apartment Renovation

Al Balawi Technical OUR SERVICES For Villa and Apartment Renovation:

We do interior and exterior renovations on homes. The project included restoration of the exterior of the building, such as the façade and roof, as well as salvaging the walls and renovating the interior and roof. This is the most expensive option and our membership runs out quickly.
Our team is in This project includes comprehensive finishing services such as interior and exterior finishing, defect correction and structural support. Then we replace all or part of the communication technology. This improves the safety and ease of use of the building, delaying major projects for years.

Al Balawi Technical Design is a renowned interior design firm. By submitting an application to our online advisor, you can get an estimate of your home renovation costs. For questions, requests and requests for comment, please contact our team.